• quarry

    Zolfaghar Quarry, having 14 floors, is the biggest Harsin Marble quarry. During extraction process, we use modern machinery in 4 “active floors” at the same time. We attempt to choose standard and updated mining engineering methods to offer a high quality rock. Also, we have always tries to consider protestation from national resources as a paramount.

  • Plant

    We have decided to assume processing of part of the quarry’s extraction in order to guarantee quality of production process, supply the market’s demands and contribute in lowering exportation of crude rocks. In Zolfaghar Stone Plants, we process an annual quantity of 300,000 m2 of Harsin Sardar Marble in two slab and tile production lines.


Physical Property & Resistance Test Report
Specific Gravity(S.G) 2.67 وزن مخصوص
Water Absorption 0.31% میزان جذب آب
Strength in Dry Mode 1020 kg/cm2 مقاومت فشاری در حلت خشک
Strength in Wet Mode 980 kg/cm2 مقاومت فشاری در حالت اشباع
Hardness 3 سختی
Porosity negligible تخلخل(ناچیز)
Test temperature -40 دمای آزمایش
Result Accept
Without changing color and creating cracks
نتیجه تست یخبندان
پذیرفته شده بدون تغییر رنگ و ایجاد ترک و شکاف
XRF Test
SiO2 0.59
Al2O3 0.34
Fe2O3 0.06
TiO2 0.02
CaO 55.02
MgO 0.30
Na2O 0.03
K2O 0.01
P2O5 0.06
MnO 0.01
S 0.01
L.O.I 43.45
Sr 46


We are “Zolfaghar Stone Quarries and Plants Group”, engaged in the area of stone industries more than 30 years and known as “Zolfaghar Stone”. We extract and process Harsin Sardar Marble rock. We attempt to produce high quality products (including block, slab, tile, steps, decorative products and stone objects) in order to realize one of our main objectives: Supplying domestic demands and developing external markets

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